It's simple.
Just enter a link to any product or service.
Post the shortened link we create for you.
And when people buy what you've linked to, we pay you.
Cha-ching. Best sound ever.

Create all the money-making links you desire. You can manage them all in one place. And Flyt automatically detects and enables affiliate programs without any hassle on your end. Because hassle is so 2015.

Flyt links are smart. Brilliant, really. They'll route people to the proper destination (say, a mobile site in the United States) based on their device and location (say, a mobile phone in the United States). Done and done.

But what about international sales, you ask? From international storefronts, you add. Great questions. Flyt automatically globalizes your links, sending visitors around the world to their local digital storefronts.

How Does it Work?